We are a house committed to prayer and fasting for all nations so that heaven will invade and occupy earth. Prayer is an act of worship that uses words and song to express joy and thankfulness to God. It is also an important way that believers declare their need for Christ and find access to His grace. (Phillippians 4:6; Colossians 4:2 ).

As we worship, we passionately love and glorify God while celebrating the presence of the Holy Spirit. Worship is our most fundamental value at SPMB Church. We believe that worship is all of life and must be saturated in truth and proceed from a passionate heart. Worship is the ultimate priority of every believer —it is valued and cherished. Worship is expressed through SPMBC's core values: GOD'S WORD,  PRAYER, LOVE,  FELLOWSHIP, TRANSFORMATION and MISSION.

The church community must be spiritual with intent. This happens as believers in the church gather to focus on Christ and minister to one another. By loving, serving, encouraging, exhorting and praying for one another, the church strives to be a community hallmarked by Spirit-driven acceptance, concern, friendship, unity, and growth ( Acts 2:44 ).

We are strongly affectionate and personally attached to others while giving unconditionally without expectation of any return. We delight in living out God—indwelled kindness, altruistic endeavors, compassionate, unselfishness, loyalty and benevolent concern— for the good of one another. It is oneness that consummates and seals interpersonal relationships (Lev 19:18; Mark 12:28134; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8; John 3: 16-17; 1 John 4:7-8).                                            '
We are in the ciity of Harrisburg to advance the kingdom of God, discipling through the power of the kingdom while living the ethics of the Kingdom of God.  We  are  empowered through love to demonstrate His power among 'the least of them' as evidenced by signs, wonders and miracles. We are Living  Jesus  24/7/365 (Matthew 24:14; Matthew 28:18-20; 4:22; Matthew 5-7)
We believe that God advances His kingdom through the local church. We desire to be a transforming, growing, thriving and strong local church that: networks with others; reaches the lost; and has a positive impact on society. (Matthew 16:18-19).
God wants us to transform society by bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth (Matthew 6: 9-10). We do this by helping  people to discover and develop their area of gifting and divine assignment —family, religion, government, education, business, media, arts and entertainment— in order to drive transformation in their respective sphere of influence (Matthew 5:13-14; Matthew 28: 18-20; Genesis 1:28-29).
We believe the Holy Bible is the infallible and inspired word of God. The Bible is the source of all doctrine and truth and the primary means by which we learn about God and discern His will for our lives. The authority of God's Word will be unapologetically proclaimed as the Bible— taught, studied, and applied in large group, small group, and individual settings (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Joshua 1:8).

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