Prophetic destiny spoken by Cindy Jacobs
Pastor Earl L. & Nancy Harris

at the Releasing the Miraculous Conference 4/2/06


The Lord says "God is going to bring revival into your church" and the Lord says "God is going to use you as a fireman to light fires of revival." God shows me that in historic churches like in the AME, the National Baptists, God loves these churches, He loves His people and the Lord says that "He wants to come with the wind of His spirit" and the Lord says "He is going to use the two of you in a great, unique way for miracles and signs and wonders" and the Lord says "there is going to be a holiness movement come into these churches" and God says "man of God I am going to give you a new fire, you are going to have a new passion, I am going to re-fire you." The Lord says "I am going to use the fire of your youth, I am going to give you the fire where they has been disappointments there have been leaders that have disappointed you, there have been fathers in the gospel that you trusted but they were not the men of God that you thought they were" but the Lord says "you are going to be a new breed of a new leader," that God is going to put hope in your heart and I declare hope is going to live in you, not only for you but for your family and the Lord says "there is not one that will escape me, your seed and your seed’s seed will rise up to bless you" says the Lord and "I am coming with my delivering anointing" says God to "deliver your children and those that are your seed, your spiritual seed and your physical seed" says the Lord.

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